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Melody’s Performing Arts Studio's Values


Passion... it doesn't matter how advanced you are or how long you've been dancing, if you are as dedicated and passionate about learning as we are about teaching, with our guidance you will thrive and accomplish your dreams of becoming a skilful and confident performer. In a safe supportive environment you will learn life skills and develop friendships and memories that will last forever. Our aspiration for students to reach their full potential is driven by passion, the love of dance and their own desire to succeed.


Corrections and discipline are provided with love. The development of concentration and comprehension of information is best absorbed when relaxed. We are enthusiastic, committed and devoted to ensuring your child learns in a loving, productive yet enjoyable atmosphere.


Confidence... every student has their own level of ability and their own unique way of learning. It is of utmost importance to us that each student come away with confidence and improved self esteem no matter what level of ability they achieve.


Supportive... all students, parents and teachers are incredibly supportive of each other. We do not reprimand mistakes but encourage the effort in which it takes to participate.


Friendships... the bonding and family environment at MPAS makes for life long friendships and a loving safe home away from home.


Dedicated... we are completely dedicated to ensuring a positive experience in every lesson


Safety... implementing the correct techniques in every style ensures the safety of all students 


Patience... with patience and a genuine desire to bring out the best in every student we allow them to flourish and achieve a great sense of self worth.


Life skills... students will learn more than singing and dancing. At MPAS you will acquire coordination, hair, make up and stage preparation skills, organisational proficiency, confidence, the importance of punctuality, the ability to change costumes very quickly, camaraderie and the artistry of public speaking.

Our daughter has just commenced her third year with Melody's Performing Arts Studio and participates in the Junior class, which do various dance styles and performing arts/singing.  Before starting at the studio, our daughter was shy and stood back to observe any group performances and would never have thought of performing in front of an audience.   Over the last few years at the Studio, we have noticed a shift in confidence and we have seen this at primary school where her public speaking and general participation has greatly improved as well.  I believe that if it wasn't for the encouragement her dance teacher, Melody, provides she would not be as confident as she is today.  Melody provides a nurturing, fun and safe environment in which our daughter thrives.   Overall it has been a positive and rewarding experience. 


Aimee Barwick 

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