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I met Melody in 2017 while looking for something for my daughter after she quit gymnastics. From the first conversation on the phone with Melody I knew I had found the place to rebuild my daughter’s trust and confidence in herself as well as her coach/teacher. Melody’s Performing Arts Studio not only teaches a range of dance styles and performance techniques, it also offers a warm, friendly and inviting atmosphere where the kids can be kids and learn while having fun. It is such a supportive studio and is all about the kids being the best they can be.

I am now taking adult tap lessons and I’m having so much fun! I look forward to my class every week as Melody makes it fun and entertaining. She is so kind and patient and understands that an adult mind probably doesn’t pick up things as quickly as a child!



My two daughters attend the intermediate class at Vermont.  We had tried a number of other dance schools but I'm so happy that we found this one, it definitely fits my girls best.

I love how the students are all treated as individuals and the group is so supportive.  My girls have so much fun every week. They love being able to learning a range of different dance styles.  They are also challenged and work hard, which shows in how much their dancing and confidence continues to improve. 

Miss Melody is genuinely passionate about dancing and provides a wonderful, safe, supportive environment for kids to learn.  





My daughter loves doing dance at Melody's Performing Arts Studio. Melody offers a variety of types of dance and this really appeals to my daughter, as opposed to spending extended periods of time dedicated to just one dance. Melody is a wonderful teacher who is patient and kind with the children and builds a good level of trust with them.

Raquel West

Fantastic school. Melody is a patient, caring, nurturing teacher. Getting great results! Kids adore her.


Two years ago my daughter began dance lessons at Vermont with Miss Melody.  She was ten and had never danced before, now she looks like she has danced for years.  She is confident and loves to learn new routines.
Miss Melody is a very dedicated, talented and caring teacher.  She is passionate about correct technique and safety throughout each different style of dance.  Each student is encouraged to be the best dancer they can be.  The atmosphere is friendly not competitive.
I have just begun to learn ballet as an adult  and Melody is patient and encouraging.  I look forward to ballet each week.  The stretch class is also beneficial.
Thank you Miss Melody!

Kathryn Davison

For the past few years I’ve been ‘trying’ dance school for Emma that offer a diverse range of dance styles, are supportive and encouraging and don’t tear a hole in my pocket.  Finally Melody has made it happen! .   Melody’s consistent approach and genuine desire to bring out the best in Emma has made a significant difference to, not only Emma’s dancing, but her confidence, self-esteem and independence.   The smiles we get when we pick her up from classes and the constant dancing, twirling and singing practice at home is delightful .  She can’t decide if she likes jazz, ballet, tap, hiphop or acro more – so she does them all! 


Catherine Burns

Out of all my years of dancing, the 3 years I have had Miss Melody as my teacher have been the most fun, yet productive years of them all. Melody has taught me everything I know about confidence and working hard for a goal, and as a result I have noticed more improvement in myself as a dancer and a person than ever before. Melody is passionate, experienced and supportive and I couldn't imagine having anyone else as my dance teacher. 

From Jasmine Cooke 

Under the guidance of Miss Melody, I have not only improved at dancing but more importantly developed my confidence in overcoming tasks that may seem difficult or challenging. Every week she creates a positive and fun environment whilst also seeking to see my dancing flourish. Her charisma and knowledge in the art of dancing definitely makes her easy approach and very enjoyable to be around. Not only is Melody my teacher, she is also a very close friend and a great mentor.

Andy Ji

In 2016 Melody and her students welcomed my daughters with open arms.  Melody has a warmth and patience, she makes everyone feel welcome and special. She has challenged them with new styles  with an incredible all over work out they thoroughly enjoy. Everyone is encourage to be the best they can be and learn within their abilities while having heaps fun and laughter.  Highly recommended


Cheryl x

Learning at Melody's Performing Arts Studio is an amazing experience and heaps of fun. This school gives you the opportunity to be greatest dancer you can be. We are all friends here, love dancing together and we're all really supportive of wach other. Our teacher is  wonderful to us all and helps us accomplish our dreams every step of the way. I love dance class, I'm always counting down the days until my next class because it's so enjoyable. Miss Melody has so much knowledge in all styles of dance, singing and acting and creates perfect  routines and original stage shows that look amazing on stage. Melody's Performing Arts Studio is a great school to dance at and I never want to leave. 



Melody is a wonderful teacher. She is firm but fair. I have been so impressed by what she has taught my two girls in only one term and her patient and kind nature. Not only are my girls learning dance. They are learning listening skills, team work and discipline. Thank you Melody. We can’t wait until next term!


Our daughter has just commenced her third year with Melody's Performing Arts Studio and participates in the Junior class, which do various dance styles and performing arts/singing.  Before starting at the studio, our daughter was shy and stood back to observe any group performances and would never have thought of performing in front of an audience.   Over the last few years at the Studio, we have noticed a shift in confidence and we have seen this at primary school where her public speaking and general participation has greatly improved as well.  I believe that if it wasn't for the encouragement her dance teacher, Melody, provides she would not be as confident as she is today.  Melody provides a nurturing, fun and safe environment in which our daughter thrives.   Overall it has been a positive and rewarding experience. 

Aimee Barwick 

My son attends both studios in Malvern and Vermont South for  Melodys Performing Arts Studio, and I can honestly say that he is extremely happy in all his classes. He has learnt so much from Miss Melody over the past 4  years, she has brought the very best out of my son. His self confidence has soared and his onstage performances are fantastic, once again thanks to Miss Melody.

From Carol Nyitrai

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