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Q. What should I pack for my child’s 1st lesson?


A. Please send water and for intermediate and advanced lessons, a healthy snack too.


Q. Can I watch classes?

A. I encourage parents to show interest and watch occasionally but not every week as your child will perform differently when you’re there.


Q. My child is nervous about their 1st day, can I stay?


A. Yes you can most definitely stay as long as needed on the 1st day to ensure a comfortable transition but do encourage you to leave when possible.


Q. What should my child wear to class?


A. Our uniform is not compulsory but our colour requirements are black and pink. Please make sure girls have black shorts or leggings and crop tops under singlets.


Q. Does my child need all the different shoes on their 1st day?


A. Not at all. Please send runners and be prepared to dance bare foot on the 1st day and then the most needed shoes are tap and jazz shoe, ballet shoes and hip hop boots can be purchased at a later stage.

Q. When are the dance fees due?


A. Dance fees are due and payable before the start of each term.


Q. How do I pay for classes?


A. An invoice will be sent to you with EFT details.

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